July 20, 2017

Neutrogena X STYLO ASIA Fashion

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

So this post kinda late, but here goes nothing! Finally, a fashion that lasts for all seasons is here! Introducing Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 fashion collection, a series of 30 designs presented at Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival (MBSTYLOAFF) 2017.

Created by local fashion designers Kittie Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee, the Happy Skin 24/7 collection interprets the happy mood that one exudes with healthy, great-looking skin. 

As the #1 dermatologist-recommended brand, we believe beauty starts with healthy skin – a condition which gives women a lot of positive energy in their daily lives. Imagine looking into the mirror every morning to see healthy and radiant skin, wouldn’t your mood naturally lift and your day start better? Indeed, healthy skin has the power to make one happy and that’s why our latest campaign advocates Happy Skin 24/7 with Neutrogena, according to Julia Teo, Associate Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies.

Teo added “Through our fashion debut at Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival, we hope to demonstrate the inner-joy of having healthy, great-looking skin, a result of using Neutrogena skincare, and share it with Malaysian women - what better way to do this than to come up with a fashion collection, inspired by the concept of Happy Skin”! 

Kittie Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee – two unique designers who draw their inspiration from things that intrigue them in creating interesting prints and colours! Thanks to their creativity and hard work, we will see how they bring the youthfulness and joy of Neutrogena's Happy Skin 24/7 concept to life tonight.

Kittie Yiyi’s quirky sense of humour translates into her designs, which are often joyful and loud, yet smart. The Raffles Design Institute KL graduate’s motto is: “Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it makes you happy!”

Kittie’s collection is inspired by the quintessential beach girl on a holiday. Coming from a faraway beach land, she wanders into the city in her flowy, comfy loose-fitting outfits. Her happiness is infectious – and it shows in the way she dresses. Featuring flared silhouettes, ruffles, cheerful stripes and heart-shaped prints, the collection flaunts the beach girl’s confidence in her own skin with transparent details and cut-outs.

Hazzer Wan Lee, creative director of HWL by Hazzer Wan Lee Fashion Atelier Kuala Lumpur, graduated with a degree in Fashion and Apparel Design from Herriot-Watt University, Scotland.

Hazzer’s fashion collection is inspired by the water splash, a signature of Neutrogena Deep Clean range of cleansing products, and the first step to Happy Skin 24/7! Fluid lines and cascading layers come together to bring out the beauty and energy of water in hues of blue, green, orange and pink. The clever incorporation and layering techniques of different materials such as denim, organdy, PU leather, cotton silk and dyed fabrics results in a unique 3D effect that mimics the movements of water.

For more information, please click link below:-


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Miss A :)

July 18, 2017

B & L X Yummy much?

Hello lovelies, Assalamualaikum ❤️

Okay, since today I got several invitation for the media events and sadly I'm not available to go to any due to work. Talk about major disappointment but what can I say, it's called entering into adult world and you have to stop being quite sensitive and feel 'awed' when you can't get whatever you want. But...... I still felt 'awed' because most of the highlight of any events, GOODIES is the best thing! I love getting new stuff, LOL who doesn't? 

Whatever it is, I would really feel glad and happy because my main man managed to replace some of the events that I can't go, thus he's maintaining my image as Beauty/Lifestyle/Food blogger. How kewl is my sayang is ❤️ LOL so, as an appreciation post, this entry is written to celebrate...wait no actually is not anything special but it is very yummy entry to include because I finally dig in Burger & Lobster, located in Genting Highland Malaysia!

Even the preparation to eat B & L is quite happening with unique 'crab' tool and funny doodles on the Apron provided. Wanna see the menu?

Oh yes please!

The menu is straight forward and you can easily understand. Each burgers come with 3 different servings, 3 Lobster rolls and applies as well for the Wild Lobster. When I go and eat there with my sayang ❤️, We saw lotsaaa lobsters are put inside the big Aquarium tank and all lobsters are placed at  different tank, following their weight and species. That day, I simply wandering around and look up for the most big and expensive Wild lobster weighted ???? KG but the price is RM2K and perfect for family dining. Uuuh

B & L definitely promote good business in Genting Highland because as you can see on the menu, There are prices that divided between members & non-members. So of course, the member will get exclusive benefits and you can sign up for membership for FREE for lifetime. If only my house and Genting Highland is not that far, I can definitely eat there, like many times. I love the cozy, dark ambiance with lil romantic lighting to lift up the mood and all the good experience with the chef/waiter too ❤️

So here the drinks. Nothing fancy, I should say LOL

So VOILA! here the deep shit I'm talking about! So fancy, don't you think? 

As you guys can see, we ordered 1 menu consist of wild lobster and another is B & L Charcoal burger. Each order came with side dishes too and I just freaking in love with the lobster. My sayang ❤️ took the Original one with butter sauce for top. I'm not gonna lie, I am much more liking his dish compared to mine. My charcoal burger only smashed together with just OK beef patty and just OK my thumb size for lobster filling. How not kewll is that -.-

Yeah, I know you love your food. Whatever -.-

and there me, awkwarddd!

So guys, if you want to try and experience eating the first outlet of Burger & Lobster in Genting Highland, Malaysia? well now it's your turn! And I begging you, please please pretty please try the LOBSTER, not the BURGER. Next time, I will definitely order that. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

July 17, 2017

DC Comics Superheroes ❤️

Hello, Hi, Assalamualaikum loves :)

Since I am extremely sleepy due to overload working and re-watch 'Totally Spies' marathon since last Saturday (FML) so this entry gonna be quick and yummy, just like my title and wait! if you happen to be one of DC Comics die hard fan, yes this amazing yet extremely unique cafe is perfect for you. Oh yeah, also Insta-worth it LOL

My sayang ❤️ and I love to explore new foods but like any other guy, (IDK whether it is me or not) my sayang love to eat foods related with kinda 'Kampung-ish' style but I'm not really into that since he's partnering with me thru thick and thin, so he need to obey my desire sometimes, even the extreme demand too LOL Thanks sayang ❤️ so yeah, eating in DC Comics cafe is my kind of place even though I'm such a sucker for Marvel series. Who da fuck doesn't love Iron Man????

Since I'm such a sucker for not taking pictures regarding with the DC Comics place (FML Again), so yeah I'm displaying some of the menus and all the food decorations really cool! I really hope you guys didn't drool and lick your lappy screen because it's gross. Eww staphh it!

Can you guess which is mine? I slurp the blue Elixir whereas my sayang ❤️ the other one. And surprisingly weird, I love his choice compared to mine. I think because girls need to support and empowered each other, so yeah Wonder Woman Crush Strawberry Mojito is the perfect drink to cool up your hot date. 

We also ordered Oswald Creamy carbonara because I love cheese and OMG! this one is a catch if you guys wanna drop by DC Comics. It is, without a doubt, one of amazing Carbonara I've tasted! And the price? will reveal down below, scroll down for amazing food feast, love!

I'm not a big fan of DC, but I always love any Rich guy character, so yeah you can predict I ordered which one LOL

Yeay, finally I tried charcoal hamburger with very fancy side orders. I mean, look at that fresh coleslaw, juicy patty and very delicious fries too! I mean, you literally couldn't find any flaws based on the presentation, the taste, the price urghh is just too perfect!

For anyone trying to eat at this cafe, please try their Sunway Putra Outlet because they serve only the best to their customers. I love their polite waiter/waitress who kindly attend to their customer needs and explain which one is the best for beginner to try and fall in love in first bite. So, thumbs up!

For me, the price is really affordable, it's the standard proper pricing just like when you guys eating at Chillies, Red Lobsters, The Fish Manhattan and etc. DC Comics Cafe? Ruled!


P/S: Another delicious food entry coming up soon. Stay tuned :)

P/S again: I'm not a gold digger, I just happen to love any character that is rich because OMG just lookin' at the wardrobe that have 8341392573212 kind of clothes, uhh major turn on ❤️

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

July 12, 2017

LINOLA Workshop X Nuvanta

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

I know that mostly, I mean currently all people in Malaysia or Malaysian really in 'getting prettier, fairer and glowy' kind of skin everyday and lots of products are been manufactured to cater consumers demand but is all the ingredients healthy enough for your skin? I used to fall in love easily with all new beauty supplement/ health product and try without even concern the ingredients and BAMMM! I don't know whether it is good enough for my body absorption. I just feel like I wanna get all fair and glow look -.-

But I'm so done with that and now I focus more on getting healthy skin in proper way, not in short term. Yes, waitin' for the result can be pain in ass but it's worth it because you gradually see your skin looks good by its own and it last for like, years. I mean, that really impressive, don't you think? Even all people having health problem such as obesity needs lots of push and effort to keep going, so yeah that kinda imply with the situation in getting beautiful skin. So, I am really excited to tell you guys about...


 LINOLA is a well-loved pharmaceutical skincare range developed by Dr. August Wolff in Germany since 1957 and has continually gone through countless research and development exercises over the decades. Today, it is the No.1 preferred medical skin care by pediatricians in Germany. As you guys know, everyone have different kind of skin type and I found myself that I'm in between Combination to Oily, but my Sissy Nyek has Dry skin type. What's more, I heard that having Dry skin can speed up ageing signs by showing some of condition like scaling, itching, and crackin'. Dry skin can develop on any part of the body, thus wherever our skin lacks linoleic acid, it reacts with a loss of moisture which persists until treated. So good news for people experiencing Dry skin type because LINOLA offer skin regeneration, eliminate cause of moisture loss and improve specific skin problems.

The workshop emphasizes all about what is dry skin, what causes it, what will happen to  skin and how can LINOLA products which contain linoleic acid can help you with it. OMG, seriously I cannot wait!

I literally never heard about LINOLA, but it is mention that the Hero product  is definitely LINOLA Lotion! Formulated with essential linoleic acids, it is developed especially for all forms of dry and stressed skin. It contains linoleic acid rich vegetable oil and is free from harmful mineral oils and silicone. This Lotion is most suitable for very dry skin as well as eczema sufferers. 

Profile of Dr. Manuel Häuser
Medical Information Manager of DR. AUGUST WOLFF GMBH & CO. KG

Dr. Manuel Häuser is a pharmacist employed at the pharmaceutical company Dr. August Wolff in Bielefeld, Germany. He received his doctorate in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy at the University of Muenster (Germany). After having collected several years of experience in public pharmacies, he has been working in the pharmaceutical industry since 2014. In his current function as Medical Information Manager, he is involved in providing scientific support as well as giving scientific product training for international partners and health care professionals from all over the world. The current focus of work is on dermal applied products for dry, eczema prone and irritated skin.  

Nuvanta Sdn Bhd

Nuvanta Sdn Bhd was established in 2005 with a core business of importing and marketing natural health supplements and personal care products.  Our main brands are:- Bio-Oil, Natural Factors Nuvaceuticals and Safwa Health. LINOLA is a series of skincare under Safwa Health.The company’s vision and mission are based on a simple concept: -
“Maintaining a high standard of quality health care in the Malaysian supplements industry”. We strive to teach people how to achieve wellness in all areas of their lives - mental, emotional and physical - by offering products that target their specific health needs so that they can enjoy a lifetime of good health.”

P/S: I can't wait to mingle with few bloggers and with the skin expert, and also to know further about skin condition as right now I all about glowing naturally inside out :) No more short cut, honey. You're getting old, 25 pffft

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

July 9, 2017


Hello, Assalamualaikum loves!

Another update coming thru! Read up :)

Eucerin a brand that has been innovating dermatological friendly products, with more than 100 years of experience in medical skin science is now introducing the new Eucerin Aquaporin Mist Spray with 10 in 1 benefit and has a unique formula that will boost skin hydration by 30X. 

While normal water facial spray evaporates quick, making skin even drier and eventually becomes sensitive; Eucerin Aquaporin Mist Spray on the contrary is more than just water as its key ingredient Hyaluronic Acid to ensure skin stays hydrated longer. It is able to restore water binding capacity, remain on the skin surface as it prolongs the hydration, and contains anti-aging properties  while reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.

Eucerin Aquaporin Mist Spray also contains other ingredients that will help brighten, replenish and soothe skin irritations. With Glycerin, it attracts water molecules from surrounding environment and holds on to them providing instant hydration to the skin. Users will also benefit from an innovative ingredient, Gluco-Glycerol, which is a blue-green algae extract and it is an effective ingredient in activating Aquaporins, the skin’s own moisture distribution channels that lies deep within our skin. The Aquaporins works from within to transport moisture between the skin cells and support skin’s hydration balance. 

Eucerin Aquaporin Mist Spray is suitable for:

a) People on-the-go
Being out and about all the time exposes one to the sun and with the increase of air pollution over the years it has a major effect on the human skin. Exposure of the skin to air pollutants has also been associated with premature skin aging and other skin issues. A quick spritz of the Eucerin Aquaporin Mist Spray delivers a very fine mist provides an immediate soothing and refreshing burst of moisture to the skin.

b) Dry skin remedy
Dry skin is a common problem these days as most of the time we are in air conditioned environment due to our hot, tropical climate. Being indoors and in the comfort of air conditioning does not mean the skin is less susceptible to the harsh environment. With air conditioning, our skin tends to lose moisture causing it to become dehydrated and dull looking. Spraying Eucerin Aquaporin Mist Spray allows skin to be reinvigorated, moisturized, smooth and radiant. A spritz towards mid-day is not just a good perk-me-up but also a layer to keep skin moist.

c) Make-up users
The Eucerin Aquaporin Mist Spray when used daily by makeup wearers, the skin is plumper and dewy making it an ideal canvas upon which to apply makeup. Spraying the mist before application of makeup helps soften the skin as its fine mist easily absorbed into the skin. Completing the makeup application with the mist spray would help set the makeup, ensuring it stays long lasting.

Eucerin Aquaporin Mist Spray retails at RM21.90 for 50ml while the 150ml mist spray retails at RM45.90. The Eucerin Aquaporin Mist Spray is now available at all leading pharmacies nationwide.

About Beiersdorf AG Research Centre

Beiersdorf AG Research Centre is the largest and most modern research centre in the whole of Germany. Over 650 international scientists are deployed to Eucerin’s product development and innovation. With this dedication and commitment to tenacious research, Eucerin constantly introduces the latest, quality and effective dermatological skincare products for the benefit of consumers.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)